3 Reasons Why Creative Communities Thrive

The Australian Songwriting Conference. A Thriving Creative Community

Let’s talk about Creative Communities… because the Australian Songwriting Conference (ASC) is leading the way for songwriters in Australia.

The ASC is a conference, but it is much more than a just Conference. The ASC is a vibrant creative community of talented songwriters of all ages who don’t just write songs, they share their lives.

The truth is, when people get together in a creative safe space, no matter their background or walk of life, they naturally want to express themselves. That’s when something wonderful happens. Strangers become people and people become friends.

So…how does a creative community thrive? Is it the passion for creatives and the Music Industry? Yes!! But there must be more to it.

As a first time attendee and one half of the Grand Winner this year’s ASC Songwriting Competition (see pic), here are my takeaways.

3 Reasons Why Creative Communities Thrive

  1. It takes passion, tenacity and an incredible team to pull off a successful conference. Lisa Butler, founder of the Australian Songwriting Conference has passion by the bucket loads for songwriters and the music industry. She has nurtured ASC and without her there would be no ASC.

However, Lisa stressed at this year’s conference that, “this is the only Songwriting Conference in Australia. Unfortunately, Songwriters are undervalued, especially in Australia”. This is why we need the ASC.

Hear more about Lisa here.

  1. Put a song writing contest on and great Songwriters turn up! Offering 11 song writing categories, this year’s ASC Songwriting Contest received 140 song entries and “the standard was the best it has ever been”, said song writing great, Alan Roy Scott. 

The Grand Winner was female duo – 2FRONTIER for their cinematic pop song, ‘Warrior’.

3. Some of the best in the Aussie Music Industry leaders were there and gave their time, expertise and genuine feedback to all who pitched their music.

The list is impressive from  Multi award winning songwriter/producer, David Musumeci from the hit-making duo DNA to Golden Guitar winner Amber Lawrence.  Prominent Managing Director of Cooking Vinyl Australia Publishing Matthew Donlevy was there as well as Matt Tanner from Native Tongue Publishing. Long-time Artist Managers Colleen Zulian and Dan Biddle as well as Sync specialist and Music Supervisor Tyler McLoughlan from The Sound Pound. International artists  Anthony Snape, Francesca de Valance and Kathy Prosser also did not disappoint.  The Grove Studios were set up during the conference for participants to record new songs, which show cased how easy and seemless it was to work with The Grove Studios.

With over 40 songwriters and music industry leaders in the room, the excitement was palpable. ASC was held at the beautiful NSW’s Central Coast.

The ASC is a strong and thriving community of creatives that come together biannually for the conference but most importantly keep meeting up monthly to continue the atristry of songwriting.  celebrate their artistry through vibrant song writing and musical composition. Four days jammed packed of music industry information with leaders in Publishing, Music Law, Sync Agents and musical